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Specialty Lines

 Specialty Lines

Sometimes a typical general insurance policy does not cover special items or events that your business may need. Specialty lines business insurance can provide that additional coverage your particular industry may have a need for. At Tyler Insurance, we can help to asses those risks and gaps in coverage to find the company and price that is a perfect fit.

Specialty Lines Insurance

Specialty insurance packages can offer businesses coverage on specific events or items that a normal liability insurance package may not cover. Some businesses that might need a specialty insurance package:

  • Waterworks Industry
  • Welders
  • Manufacturing Companies
  • Retail
  • Auto Dealerships

Our agency provides a wide range of products to help with your specialty lines business insurance needs. Learn more about our different policies and products by contacting us today. Simply call 936 647 0549 or click on the link to the right for Specialty Lines insurance under the Start Secure Request box.